Megos Grupė is a Lithuanian capital company operating since 2013. We have job offers both in Lithuania and throughout the entire Europe and Scandinavia. During our years of operation, we have accumulated valuable experience in the management of human resources and gained recognition from well-known international companies. Over 50 of our employees carry out work in the companies of our customers at any given time. Our partners are stable and continuously improving logistics companies. The selection of partners is our most important goal in order to ensure the loyalty of our employees and avoid employee turnover. We strive to maintain the quality and supply in a state of equilibrium.

Our goal is long-term cooperation, so we take care of our clients and ensure efficient communication and smooth transportation of cargo. Works with countries like Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Holland, England, Italy and Spain. Among our clients there are large and smaller logistics companies, which we choose for cooperation according to their reliability.